Services for Principals

The service is very easy to use. Here they are the main points.

  1. The company fills in the order form.
  2. Our team starts working on the AD.
  3. Our team publishes the AD in a reserved page.
  4. We forward the AD by e-mail to the Commercial Agents.
  5. The Agents will respond to you directly.

Submit now the order form.

Do you have any questions about how to find Commercial Agents?

What we do not and who we are not!

  1. We do not recruit.
  2. We do not pre-select the candidates.
  3. We do not sell personal data of Commercial Agents who subscribed to our Services.
  4. We do not sell CV.
  5. We do not sell the access to Agents data.
  6. We do not sell subscription-based services.
  7. We are not a Data Bank.
  8. We are not an association.
  9. We are neither a Union nor a Chamber of Commerce.
  10. We are not an Employment Agency.