Advertising Rates

How much does an Agents Search AD cost?

The cost for an advertisement depends on the country where we lead the Agents Search.

One country
690,00 Euro
Two countries
990,00 Euro
Three countries
1.350,00 Euro
Four countries
1.640,00 Euro
Five countries
1.900,00 Euro

Prices for other European countries are available on demand.

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The price includes:

  1. The Creation and the Publication of a web page with your advertisement in it that stays online for thirty days.
  2. The translation of your AD in the language of the country where you research.
  3. The submission of your AD to all commercial agents who are potentially interested.
  4. The publication of your advertisement in the "newsletter of the month" containing all the researches of commercial agents. We forward it to 390,000 Agents, subscribers in all over the world.
  5. Special Warranty « 100% Success Guaranteed »

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